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Insurable Values

How safe is your Insurance?

The purpose of establishing the Insurable values, based on an Appraisal of the Fixed Assets and the additional information provided by the Customer is to adjust the characteristics of the entire plant and buildings to the Real Values at Risk (Replacement Cost), thus allowing the Customer to establish the Maximum Loss Limits in the various coverages of its insurance programs and adjust the deductibles applicable to the industrial and non-industrial goods, subject to the real and operational nature of each group. Values shall be considered as new replacement values, without depreciation and therefore the condition of Underinsurance or Coinsurance that may affect the company at the time of receiving indemnity for a disaster should be removed, provided that the conditions of the insurance agreement are met.

For valuation of machinery

The appraisal for insurance purposes performed by CONECAM constitutes a guide for hiring policies of patrimonial goods and allows:

  • An accurate determination of insurance values.

  • The identification of exclusions.
  • The separation of values for purposes of fixing the insurable amounts.
  • The preparation in advance of evidence of losses.

  • Having database to keep up dated the values of a property.