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Valuation of Options and Rights

Variable compensation systems have become a tool to anchor executives in a company. The success of top management conducting a business in terms of creation of value for the shareholders should be reflected in the level of compensation of the executive.

Therefore, it is a question of aligning the objectives of the executives with those of the shareholders. These compensation plans establish a bonus in function of the valuation of the shares of the company.

Phantom shares are a mechanism, by means of which an executive obtains the same economic benefits derived from common shares, not granting any interest in the company.

The implementation of this type of variable compensation plans requires a valuation of the company as an ongoing concern, and monitoring the value over time.

CONECAM offers the financial valuation service that guarantees an objective determination of the value of the shares, allowing the implementation of novel mechanisms of payment, in order to attract the best executives of the market to your company.